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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yeah I said it 10-20-11

The fields are ready for harvest...LOOK UP!!! (John 4:35)

God wants to reveal Himself to you...seek Him today!!! (James 4:8)

Death for a Child of God is moving day from a tent to a mansion (2 cor 5:1).

For the Child of God death is victory...it is the release from this tent into a dwelling place made by God for eternity (2 cor 5:1).

These are the days that if you call upon the name of Jesus you will be saved (acts 2:21).

We need the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives daily. Have you asked the Father for this gift today? (Luke 11:13)

May you see Jesus more clearly today and know that He does not change (Rev 1:8).

Jesus is our true and faithful witness (Rev 3:14). If you want to know what God looks like look at Jesus.

Through the Holy Spirit you have the power to be a witness to live for Him (acts 1:8).

It is important that we realize we can't live a victorious Christian life without God's spirit (Roms 7:16-25).

Jesus is light and darkness will not overcome Him (John 1:5)

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