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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jeremiah is 6 years old

Here are a few photos from Jeremiah's SIXTH birthday! They tell you
the years go by so fast, and it is incredibly true. We are so proud ofhim and his funny ways. :) This was his first year to have a "friends"birthday party, so we had one with just the family and another with 3friends from school. He chose LEGOS as the theme for the party, and itwas hilarious watching them laugh and yell and be 6 year olds together(plus May, of course, who LOVED playing with the super-coolkindergarteners).

A little blurb about Jeremiah: For those of you who have followed our
blog or know our family, you may remember that Jeremiah has hadtrouble with headaches for the last couple of years. They havedrastically improved in the last year and a half. He is still a"headachy" kid--meaning if he is going to feel sick, he gets aheadache. But they are only about once a month now and a little Motrinhelps! We really believe that God healed his little body when we askedyou all to pray for his chronic headaches. He is a very healthy littleguy. :) He is also quite the quintessential pastor's kid--His casualmention of "God power Jesus power and Holy Spirit power" inconversation is a part of his genetic code, I think. :) He loves totalk about heaven. He loves creating things--drawing is his favoritething to do. And watching movies. And eating sweets. Many of hisdifficult behavior patterns have improved this year since we havedrastically cut his sugar intake. :) He isn't into sports very muchexcept that he will tell you he loves golf because he got to gomini-golfing recently. He is a talker, an arguer, and a thinker. He'sincredibly funny and loyal. We love him so much. So, that's Jeremiah!Oh, and he got his first two-wheeler for his birthday. :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A much needed update:)


Here's to hoping you haven't forgotten about us since it has been a very long time since we updated our blog. We are jumpstarting a new system to keep it updated and current though, so please keep checking back!

Our last couple of months have been full of the miraculous works of God in our lives, our family, and our church. Not only did we get to celebrate Christmas with a 3 and 5 year old (which is the ONLY way to do it, let me tell ya! :), but we also had a sweet month with our core church planting team in the month of December. We took a break from our weekly church services on Thursday nights to prepare to launch SUNDAY services as a church on January 6th! (more on that in a moment) So, that meant our month was busy and full of friends and family in Christ surrounding us in our home and celebrating Christmas together. We had a beautiful and sweet Christmas Eve Eve service with all of our kids there, and we lit the advent candles and got to hear and reflect on the miracle of Jesus's birth. It was wonderful.

Which brings us to January!! After one year living in Delray Beach and 8 months after our first Redemption Church meeting, we had our very first SUNDAY MORNING service! It was such a joy to watch couple after couple and young and old people alike walk into the community center where we meet to worship Jesus with us! We counted about 50 adults that first Sunday and have had new and different people attending each week since then. We have already had several people recommit their lives to Christ and have many people wanting to get involved in the church and joining community groups! It is a miracle to us to see God use us to bring His Word to people and show them His love for them. Our kids are THRILLED to have new kids at church to play with too! Travis and Alesha who moved down in September from Olympia, Washington as well as AJ and Dominique and our "native Floridians" the Snellings--all are a tremendous JOY to serve with, and we have had new people showing up to help out with set up and tear down each week already! God is GOOOOOOD!

Laura has been loving having a discipleship group of women studying the Word together, and she has been teaching through the book of James. Their group has had other Christian and non-Christian women join them, and it is a huge answer to prayer to see the Lord bringing these women together and into her life. 

Other than that, life is good. We are happy. Laura still suffers from frequent migraines, so you can lift her up in prayer. Also, I am hoping to rearrange my schedule as the needs of our church grow with Sunday services, and I am feeling stretched. We are hopeful and full of faith for all God has for us here. 

Be blessed,
Daniel, Laura, Jeremiah, & Mailey