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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time to Spread the Word…

We are getting so close to Easter Sunday—now less than TWO WEEKS away!! We have been busy getting everything ready and inviting people in and around the Delray area to come to Veteran’s Park at 9&11am on Sunday, April 8th to join Redemption Church for our Easter services. As we are getting closer, we are asking YOU to help us spread the word and invite everyone you know to come out and celebrate Easter with us! Singles, families, adults, children—ALL are welcome and Sunday School classes for children are provided! All the information is on our website at www.redemptionindelraybeach.com and you can also find updates on our facebook page as well. Look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Mailey Jean…

We do our best to update you not only on how the church is doing, but on our family life as well…Jeremiah is all settled into preschool now, and we wanted to do a little highlight on our baby girl. :)

May is enjoying her time home with Mama in the mornings while Jeremiah is at school…she is also very jealous that he gets to go and she doesn’t! She pretends school at home all the time now, and calls me “Teacher Mama.” Lol! She is hilarious. Also, for a girl that talks non-stop, she is still pretty hard to understand unless you’re around her a lot like we are—we’re sticking a couple short videos of her for you to enjoy and laugh at! The first one is right before we picked Jeremiah up from preschool last week. You will notice Daniel’s curls on her in this one. :)

This one is May explaining what happens when you get a shot. (She was trying to prepare Jeremiah for his 5 year old check up…and the reason it is only sound and not video is because I took it after putting them to bed and was cracking up listening to her, so I had to record it. It’s worth the minute or so it takes to listen to her explanation. :)

Last one. This is just May singing her ABC’s with Jeremiah’s pirate hook on her hand. Which, by the way, he freaked out when he came home and found her ABC stickers all over it! Lol! Mr. and Mrs. Drama, you know. :)

Okay, enjoy!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Ready for EASTER

Our lives have just taken a huge leap into a new realm of busy! We are SO excited that Redemption Church will be having it’s first ever Easter services in just a little over two weeks!! This means that our family is extremely focused right now on preparing…

Every morning we go and set up our sandwich boards with flyers downtown by Veteran’s Park Community Center where the services will be held, and each night we go and pick them up before it gets dark. Our friend, AJ, has been helping pass out flyers by the beach and has been building backdrops and painting them in our front yard… :) We’re preparing for Sunday School, making bulletins…it’s pretty awesome, and also very overwhelming. But, as you can read in our newsletter (coming out this week!!), God has been faithful in the little AND the big things as we have stepped out in faith!

Be praying for us, and most of all for those who will be coming! We are inviting people every day, and need to get out a couple thousand flyers in the next week or so! You can go to our church website to see more! www.redemptionindelraybeach.com

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thank you, Jesus, for BLOOMINGDALES!

We have been asking many of you to pray with us for a job for Daniel. Since moving down to Delray Beach in December, we have been looking for the right job and last week, Daniel was officially hired at Bloomingdales in Boca Raton (about 20 minutes from our home). He will be working full-time in “Women’s Shoes” selling…women’s shoes. :) His position there will allow us to have good health and dental insurance—something we have been asking God for specifically.

We want to thank all of you who have been praying for the right job for Daniel. We are so happy that God is providing for us and building our faith in Him every day.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easter Services planned for April 8th!!

We are so excited to announce that we will be having two services for Easter Sunday NEXT MONTH! We have been praying about this idea for some time, and the doors have opened for us to meet at Veteran’s Park Community Center in downtown Delray Beach beginning on Easter, and we will be moving our Thursday night Bible Studies to the community center following the Easter service.

We are busy working on all of the preparations for Easter, and we would love to have you praying for us and for all of the details to come together. We are planning to hand out invites for our services all over downtown Delray during a number of community events this month as well as going door to door. We are also working through the logistics involved for children’s Sunday School, sound equipment, and most importantly right now: people to help!

We will keep posting updates for you on how everything is coming, but we wanted to share how amazing our God is that this is even happening! Pray for the people that God will bring to have their lives transformed and for people to accept the new life that Jesus offers to us! This is our prayer!