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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Mailey Jean…

We do our best to update you not only on how the church is doing, but on our family life as well…Jeremiah is all settled into preschool now, and we wanted to do a little highlight on our baby girl. :)

May is enjoying her time home with Mama in the mornings while Jeremiah is at school…she is also very jealous that he gets to go and she doesn’t! She pretends school at home all the time now, and calls me “Teacher Mama.” Lol! She is hilarious. Also, for a girl that talks non-stop, she is still pretty hard to understand unless you’re around her a lot like we are—we’re sticking a couple short videos of her for you to enjoy and laugh at! The first one is right before we picked Jeremiah up from preschool last week. You will notice Daniel’s curls on her in this one. :)

This one is May explaining what happens when you get a shot. (She was trying to prepare Jeremiah for his 5 year old check up…and the reason it is only sound and not video is because I took it after putting them to bed and was cracking up listening to her, so I had to record it. It’s worth the minute or so it takes to listen to her explanation. :)

Last one. This is just May singing her ABC’s with Jeremiah’s pirate hook on her hand. Which, by the way, he freaked out when he came home and found her ABC stickers all over it! Lol! Mr. and Mrs. Drama, you know. :)

Okay, enjoy!

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