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Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Ready for EASTER

Our lives have just taken a huge leap into a new realm of busy! We are SO excited that Redemption Church will be having it’s first ever Easter services in just a little over two weeks!! This means that our family is extremely focused right now on preparing…

Every morning we go and set up our sandwich boards with flyers downtown by Veteran’s Park Community Center where the services will be held, and each night we go and pick them up before it gets dark. Our friend, AJ, has been helping pass out flyers by the beach and has been building backdrops and painting them in our front yard… :) We’re preparing for Sunday School, making bulletins…it’s pretty awesome, and also very overwhelming. But, as you can read in our newsletter (coming out this week!!), God has been faithful in the little AND the big things as we have stepped out in faith!

Be praying for us, and most of all for those who will be coming! We are inviting people every day, and need to get out a couple thousand flyers in the next week or so! You can go to our church website to see more! www.redemptionindelraybeach.com

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