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Monday, May 30, 2011

Road Trip

We have officially moved out of our townhouse and leave Olympia this weekend. We are taking a road trip as a family to Southern California for our church planting course before we head to Florida. This is a video to help you see what we are in for and to help remind you to pray for us:) Make sure you wait until the end of the video where Jeremiah and Laura talk.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Living in the cardboard jungle :)

Well, it is official. We have begun the packing process, and our home is now half-lived in, half-packed up, half-disaster area, and half...well, it is our kids' dream come true. They have packing paper and cardboard boxes EVERYWHERE, so they can pretty much keep busy with that all day long. Why didn't we think of this sooner?? The only downfall is Jeremiah putting the boxes on his head and chasing Mailey around the house growling at her...she prefers to just hide in a random box until someone comes to find her. You can imagine how we figured that one out... :)

The reality of leaving our home in Olympia has definitely started to set in for us. We had a going away party at Calvary yesterday, and so many people touched our hearts with hugs and words of excitement and encouragement for us.

We leave in less than three weeks now, and our family will be driving down to the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Southern California for a four-week "Church Planting" course. After that time, we will drive back up to Washington for a couple of weeks before we U-Haul it to Jupiter, Florida! Well, actually, Daniel and a few close friends will be making the cross-country drive, and the kids and I will fly out to meet them once they arrive...we did consider making the drive a family affair for about a minute, but that idea was squashed pretty quickly. :) There will be plenty of road trips in our future, I'm sure--but the drive down to California and back will be plenty enough for this summer!

A little bit about the course in California: Various church-planters such as Brian Brodersen, David Guzik, Rob Salvato, Sandy Adams and others will share their experiences, some spiritual exhortations, and practical advice for those planning to start a church. There will also be one day a week for the pastors' wives to get together and learn from those women who have helped their husbands plant churches. We are both so excited for this time, and we're praying that God really uses our time there to give us more direction and to connect us with people that might become close, long-time friends.

We are excited to finally be in this stage now, where we can begin to see how the Lord fulfills His promises and plans for us. We are still praying for a job for Daniel once we do get to Florida in August. We are also trusting in His provision for our family as we are in this transition time.

For any of you reading this, please know that God has shown Himself to us in this last year to be more faithful, powerful, active, and alive in our lives than ever!! He is so good, and we are just waiting to see Him work. We are so THANKFUL and HUMBLED by His love and that He is including us in His plans. Thank you for your prayers!! We will continue to keep updates on our blog, so keep checking back!