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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Building a Team

It has been awesome to see God building a team of leaders at Redemption Church over the last few months. It has only been 3 months since we had our first official service on Easter, and we have seen God preparing and equipping us as a core team. We are meeting every other Sunday morning at our house for Leadership Training and going through a book by Britt Merrick called, “Godspeed.” It has also been a great opportunity to go over the vision and mission that God has given us for Redemption Church. We are growing closer as a church as we learn and serve together.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A "Typical" Week for the Williams' Family

Sundays: Sundays are Daniel’s day off from Bloomingdales, so we have our Leadership Training on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at our house. In the afternoons, we usually have some sort of street witnessing or outreach and Daniel studies for Thursday night service when he’s home. Sunday nights are COMMUNITY GROUP where we share a meal and fellowship with our church body.

Mondays: Daniel works on Mondays, and works on the church website, blog and podcast. If he works a late shift, we may try to sneak in a little trip to the beach or park with the kids in the morning.

Tuesdays: Tuesday are sometimes Daniel’s day off from Bloomingdales. I’m usually working on Bible School lessons for Thursday Night kid’s classes during the day. Daniel will meet up with Jeff and Geoff for discipleship, spend time with the Family, and will squeeze in some study time for Thursday Night. We also have our prayer meeting at the Torick’s home Tuesday Nights.

Wednesdays: Daniel works at Bloomingdales on Wednesdays most of the time. In the evenings, we go down to Spot Coffee downtown and sing at the open mic. This is where we have connected most with new friends and been able to share the Gospel with people. Geoff has been singing here as well since he’s been here.

Thursdays: Redemption Church meets on Thursday nights!!! If Daniel is off on Thursday, we try to make this a family day…either beach trip or park or something. We load up our van with all of our church equipment and supplies around 5pm and meet down at the Veteran’s Park Community Center to set up with the team at 6. Church goes from 7-8:30, and we are loaded back up by 9:15pm. Then back to the house to unload!

Fridays: Daniel almost always works a late shift—from 12:15-9:15 at Bloomingdales. The kids and I will most likely go and have dinner with him at the Chic-fil-a in the food court at the mall during his lunch break. :) 

Saturdays: Saturdays, Daniel works at Bloomingdales and we may have friends over for dinner or if he closes we sometimes get to sleep in or go to the beach:)