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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Williams Family Newsletter

We just sent out our first Newsletter! I know, I know. The mind boggles that there could be even MORE to read than what you can find on our blog! (and e-mail updates, if you are on our prayer team...) But, it's true! :)

If you didn't already receive a newsletter from us either in your mailbox or as an e-mail attachment, and you would like to, let us know. You can just drop us an e-mail letting us know you would like a copy either sent to you via e-mail or regular mail. We will be sending them out every other month, so hopefully that will be often enough to keep you up to date on what's happening and how you can be praying--but not so often that you get tired of hearing from us. :)

We had fun putting this one together and hope that you enjoy reading it and seeing a few more pictures from our life here...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missionaries to...Washington???

These are our friends, Cam and Brittney Barber. We met at the Fit For the Field church planting training in California this Summer. We hit it off right away because their kids and our kids are the same age and made friends the first day. The other reason we became friends right off the bat was because they found out we were from Washington state--which just happens to be a place they have developed a great interest in... we saw God's hand on our friendship right away.

Cam and Brittney live in Los Alamos, New Mexico--a small town with a nuclear facility where Cam works. Brittney stays home with their three amazingly sweet kids and also does professional photography with Cam. They serve at the Calvary Chapel in Los Alamos, and during the last year, the Lord spoke directly to them about church planting someplace different--really different. :)

As Cam tells it, he was praying and literally heard God's voice tell him to move to Lakewood, Washington to start a church there. As Brittney tells it, he called her up and said, "Have you ever heard of Lakewood, Washington?" (no.) "Me neither, but I googled it and it's a real place and God just told me we need to go there!" It was an unexpected calling for them--not because Cam didn't desire to pastor a church--but because they assumed they would be staying in New Mexico. 

We spent a lot of time talking with them and praying about our futures. We were able to tell them everything we could about Lakewood, the people, the culture, the weather (!), and we really bonded with them. They have such an amazing desire to just go where God calls them! It was such an encouragement to hear their love for Jesus. They are also amazing parents. Brittney and I spent lots of time together because our dorms were right next door to each other. Her kids taught mine about riding scooters and they taught hers about Ginger Cat Cookies from Trader Joes. :)

Cam and Brittney have begun the process of getting ready to move to Lakewood, Washington next Summer. Their oldest daughter started kindergarten this year and will finish out the school year before they move. They are also working on selling two houses in Los Alamos and have been really busy with all that goes into that. Cam and Brittney are still actively involved in Calvary Chapel Los Alamos and will be sent out sometime next June.

Please be praying for the Barber family:
-That they will continue to hear from God and trust His direction
-That their homes will sell
-For their transition from their home church as they prepare to go
-For finances
-For Brittney's health (she has several chronic health issues)
-For support and love from those they will be leaving behind in New Mexico

We will keep you posted on when they actually get closer to their move date. We promised them lots of wonderful people to befriend and support them once they get to Washington, so pray about how you might be able to serve and reach out to them!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Encouraging Words

We all use words in different ways all the time. They can tear down or build up. And we have all experienced both the good and the bad that words can do to us. Laura and I have been incredibly blessed by many of you who have written to us with words of encouragement for us. We can’t begin to say how much it means to hear the ways that God is at work in your lives and the way He has used us in them. We are so thankful and want to encourage YOU to remember how much your words can mean to someone! Whether it is in an e-mail, a phone call, or a facebook message, take a few minutes to encourage someone with your words today! It will mean so much!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prayer support

We want to thank all of you who have been praying for us as we have begun our life here in Florida. We have truly felt prayed for—and the presence and favor of God have been with us every single step of the way.  We are so blessed to know that He hears us and sees our needs and listens when we cry out to Him! And knowing that there are so many people involved in our lives through prayer has been an amazing encouragement for us as a family.

It has been a desire of our heart to have 500 people launch this church in prayer and partner with us as we serve the Lord here in Delray Beach, Florida. Right now we have over 100 people praying for us and the church!!! This is so huge and significant, and we want to invite everyone to join us and be presenting our requests to God and praising Him for the way He is at work here!

If you aren’t already on our prayer support team, you can e-mail us at itsme@reachone.com to sign up and receive regular prayer requests from us. We are also lifting you all up in prayer as well, so if you ever have a need or something you would like us to be praying about, please let us know and we will pray together for you. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Repossess 2.0 videos

So proud to be a part of this movement and so excited to see Jesus continue to do a great work in Thurston County!!!! Pray and believe that God is going to do great things for His glory...THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yeah I said it (9-17-11)

This week’s “Yeah, I said it” is about vision. We have been seeking God’s vision for us and for this church plant, and as you read and ponder this topic of “vision”, remember, it isn’t about creating a vision for yourself, it is seeking and pursuing HIS vision for you!

“Vision helps you stay focus from distractions (Nem 6:10-14).”

“Vision will always be met with opposition (Neh 4:1-3).”

“Praying for vision from Jesus today.”

“There is often a time gap before the vision becomes a reality. Read Gen 16:16-17:1...13 years had gone by.”

"If prayer isn’t necessary to accomplish your vision—you’re not thinking big enough." by @craiggroeschel /// been praying a lot

“Don't get discouraged when things don't happen over night. Even in the natural growth doesn't happen over night (James 5:7).”

"To God be the glory!" When we accomplish our vision this is what we want people to say (Neh 6:16).

“We got to change the way we think according to the Bible (Rom 12:2). Praying for creativity today!”

“I love when God gives fresh revelation from His Word!!! I just received some:)”

“I have much to learn so I am seeking God's wisdom today (James 1:5-6).”

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We moved to Florida to start a church

We have had a number of people asking us why exactly we moved here to Florida from our home in Washington. We were certainly very happy in Olympia, we have a wonderful church family and close friends still living there, and we knew no one in the state of Florida…so why did we come here again??

We moved to Florida first out of obedience to Jesus. Over the last year that we were in Olympia, the Lord began directing us to prepare to move—even before we knew where or what that would look like. He spoke to us through so many different ways throughout the course of the year, and from the small steps of selling our home, praying and seeking direction and counsel, and He gave us the specific direction of moving here to Florida. It only made sense for us to pack up and follow Him! So our first and foremost reason for moving our family across the country is to pursue Jesus and His calling on our lives.

Another reason we moved here to Florida is to “start a church.” What this looks like for us now is simply asking God for opportunities to proclaim His Gospel to those we come in contact with as the days go by. We are excited to be sharing Jesus and inviting people to join us in our pursuit of Him. And for now, as we prepare to start this church in the city of Delray Beach, we are simply looking for ways to proclaim His goodness and love for others by serving and living as Jesus has called us.

So, that, in short, is why we moved to Florida. To PURSUE Jesus, and to PROCLAIM Him here in Florida. :)