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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yeah I said it (9-17-11)

This week’s “Yeah, I said it” is about vision. We have been seeking God’s vision for us and for this church plant, and as you read and ponder this topic of “vision”, remember, it isn’t about creating a vision for yourself, it is seeking and pursuing HIS vision for you!

“Vision helps you stay focus from distractions (Nem 6:10-14).”

“Vision will always be met with opposition (Neh 4:1-3).”

“Praying for vision from Jesus today.”

“There is often a time gap before the vision becomes a reality. Read Gen 16:16-17:1...13 years had gone by.”

"If prayer isn’t necessary to accomplish your vision—you’re not thinking big enough." by @craiggroeschel /// been praying a lot

“Don't get discouraged when things don't happen over night. Even in the natural growth doesn't happen over night (James 5:7).”

"To God be the glory!" When we accomplish our vision this is what we want people to say (Neh 6:16).

“We got to change the way we think according to the Bible (Rom 12:2). Praying for creativity today!”

“I love when God gives fresh revelation from His Word!!! I just received some:)”

“I have much to learn so I am seeking God's wisdom today (James 1:5-6).”

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