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Thursday, September 15, 2011

We moved to Florida to start a church

We have had a number of people asking us why exactly we moved here to Florida from our home in Washington. We were certainly very happy in Olympia, we have a wonderful church family and close friends still living there, and we knew no one in the state of Florida…so why did we come here again??

We moved to Florida first out of obedience to Jesus. Over the last year that we were in Olympia, the Lord began directing us to prepare to move—even before we knew where or what that would look like. He spoke to us through so many different ways throughout the course of the year, and from the small steps of selling our home, praying and seeking direction and counsel, and He gave us the specific direction of moving here to Florida. It only made sense for us to pack up and follow Him! So our first and foremost reason for moving our family across the country is to pursue Jesus and His calling on our lives.

Another reason we moved here to Florida is to “start a church.” What this looks like for us now is simply asking God for opportunities to proclaim His Gospel to those we come in contact with as the days go by. We are excited to be sharing Jesus and inviting people to join us in our pursuit of Him. And for now, as we prepare to start this church in the city of Delray Beach, we are simply looking for ways to proclaim His goodness and love for others by serving and living as Jesus has called us.

So, that, in short, is why we moved to Florida. To PURSUE Jesus, and to PROCLAIM Him here in Florida. :)

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