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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missionaries to...Washington???

These are our friends, Cam and Brittney Barber. We met at the Fit For the Field church planting training in California this Summer. We hit it off right away because their kids and our kids are the same age and made friends the first day. The other reason we became friends right off the bat was because they found out we were from Washington state--which just happens to be a place they have developed a great interest in... we saw God's hand on our friendship right away.

Cam and Brittney live in Los Alamos, New Mexico--a small town with a nuclear facility where Cam works. Brittney stays home with their three amazingly sweet kids and also does professional photography with Cam. They serve at the Calvary Chapel in Los Alamos, and during the last year, the Lord spoke directly to them about church planting someplace different--really different. :)

As Cam tells it, he was praying and literally heard God's voice tell him to move to Lakewood, Washington to start a church there. As Brittney tells it, he called her up and said, "Have you ever heard of Lakewood, Washington?" (no.) "Me neither, but I googled it and it's a real place and God just told me we need to go there!" It was an unexpected calling for them--not because Cam didn't desire to pastor a church--but because they assumed they would be staying in New Mexico. 

We spent a lot of time talking with them and praying about our futures. We were able to tell them everything we could about Lakewood, the people, the culture, the weather (!), and we really bonded with them. They have such an amazing desire to just go where God calls them! It was such an encouragement to hear their love for Jesus. They are also amazing parents. Brittney and I spent lots of time together because our dorms were right next door to each other. Her kids taught mine about riding scooters and they taught hers about Ginger Cat Cookies from Trader Joes. :)

Cam and Brittney have begun the process of getting ready to move to Lakewood, Washington next Summer. Their oldest daughter started kindergarten this year and will finish out the school year before they move. They are also working on selling two houses in Los Alamos and have been really busy with all that goes into that. Cam and Brittney are still actively involved in Calvary Chapel Los Alamos and will be sent out sometime next June.

Please be praying for the Barber family:
-That they will continue to hear from God and trust His direction
-That their homes will sell
-For their transition from their home church as they prepare to go
-For finances
-For Brittney's health (she has several chronic health issues)
-For support and love from those they will be leaving behind in New Mexico

We will keep you posted on when they actually get closer to their move date. We promised them lots of wonderful people to befriend and support them once they get to Washington, so pray about how you might be able to serve and reach out to them!

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  1. We love the Barbers. So sad to see them leave, but so excited to see how God leads them on the journey!