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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our friends, the Jeffs :)

It has been such a blast having not one, but TWO JEFFs here interning and serving and living with us down here in Delray this Summer. God put it on each of their hearts to come down and help out with Redemption Church for the Summer, and God has BLESSED us so much through their support and friendship. Daniel meets with them and disciples them on a regular basis, studying God’s Word as well as books that we are going through as a leadership team. Our kids are SO BLESSED to have these guys around to play with them and wrestle and even babysit them when we’re lucky! :)

Be praying for them as they’re both praying about what their futures hold. Geoff still is looking for a job here, and you can pray that he finds one soon! It is seriously a gift from God that they are here with us both as a church and as a family!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Planning a Visit to Washington State:)

The Lord made a way for us to come and visit our family and friends in Washington State and spend some time sharing what God has done in our life over this last year with our sending church, Calvary Chapel of Olympia. We will be flying to Seattle the first week in August, and we will be spending time in Olympia as well as visiting friends in Eastern Washington  through the 15th. We are planning  a reception time where we will be sharing a little as well as answering questions and showing some pictures of Delray Beach on SUNDAY, AUGUST 5th from 1-3pm in the Fellowship Hall at Calvary Chapel Olympia as well as leading worship that morning.  Hope you are able to make it! We will have Daniel’s cell phone with us while we are travelling, so if you would like to connect with us while we are there, please call or e-mail us and we will do our best to make it happen. We would love to hear about all that has been happening in your life too! It will be good to see everyone!