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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Visitors from the North!!

We have been praying for encouragement, and the Lord has sent us a number of visitors to come and stay with us and encourage us! AJ's mom, Jeryl, is here right now from Lake Stevens, Washington. She hadn't seen AJ since he left for his summer mission in the Middle East!! It has been so much fun to show her the area. She's also been lots of fun for the kids--the first morning here, I went downstairs to find her in the kids room dressed up in full pirate gear (bandana and eye patch and everything!) and searching for treasure with Jeremiah and May! :) She and AJ are on a road trip to visit some family in South Carolina right now, so be praying for safety for them and a sweet time together.

My parents were here for a visit and just left this morning. It was so, so good to see them!! They are moving here toward the end of the year, so lots of their visit here was spent looking for a house to live in. The Lord blessed them so much, and they not only found a beautiful home, but the home owners are Christians as well and very supportive of us and interested in our family. My parents made an offer on their home, they accepted it, and now they are Florida home owners!! Praise the Lord! Their home in Olympia also sold the very next day after months of being on the market back home. Now THEY get to do the packing and cross country move. Be praying for them during a very crazy time of transition and moving.

We also have some dear friends who are visiting. My friend, Jessica, came from Olympia for a short visit and left much too soon. She is planning another trip. (right, Jessica??) Also, our friend, Graydon, is coming next week for nine days! We can't wait to see him. 

Jesus just knows exactly what we need. It is a BLESSING to us to have people we love come and spend time with us. We have community group meetings every Tuesday night, and it's also been really special getting to do this with whoever is here with us each week. We have had some very sweet times of prayer and worship together. Remember that if you are ever making a trip down this way, we would love to see you!!

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