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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

House Hunters in Delray Beach!

After many, many day trips down to Delray, we think we found a place to live when we move next month! We've looked and lots of different homes and condos, and this one seems like the right fit for us--and it's one we can afford! Thank you for praying! The home we found is a "villa" in a gated neighborhood exactly 8 minutes from the downtown area where we are going to be starting the church. A villa is just a fancy name for a really cute four-plex. :) The one we applied for is an end unit with three bedrooms (yay for AJ who has been sharing a room with May and Jeremiah and is READY for some grown-up space!!) and a screened patio in the back. There's even a little fenced yard in the back for the kids to play. The process of being approved for a rental home here is way more extensive than anything back in Olympia! So we are just waiting now to see if they approve our application. You can be praying it all goes thru today or tomorrow. 

Thank you so much for praying for us as we've been looking for the right home in Delray. If everything goes right, we will be moving the first week in December!

(p.s. It's a pink house. :) I'm happy with that! -lw)

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  1. Hi just saw this pop up on fb, connect when you get backin town! God Bless Bill B