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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prayer For These Men.

During the last three weeks, we have been blessed to be down in California studying God’s Word about church planting. It has been an awesome time and very encouraging to meet many men and their families so like-minded and wanting to serve Jesus in this way. Even though we are only here together for a month, and will be heading all over the world, it has been so good to get to know these guys and establish solid relationships. As I was thinking about them and praying for them I wanted to make a keepsake to remind me of their faces so I would continue to pray for them and the ministry that Jesus will fulfill through them.  So I made this banner with all of their faces to make sure I pray for them. I wanted to share it with you and would love for you to pray for them as well. We are a team of like-minded men that love Jesus and are being sent out all over the world. We are headed to the USA in California, Florida, Washington (Yes! Cameron #2 and his family will be church planting in Lakewood, WA!), New Jersey, and Colorado; overseas to England, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, Norway and Chile; and a few unknown locations.  It is so great to see God work and His Spirit equip His saints to do His ministry. So if you are praying for our family as we are heading towards Florida to plant a church, we would love for you to please join with us as we pray for these guys and their families as well.

Here are their names from top left  to right, and bottom left to right: Kevin, Mike, Pablo, Sam, Josh #1, Jordan, Esteban, Daniel, Damian, Blake, Cameron #1, Cameron #2, and Josh #2.

Your prayers are much appreciated!!!


  1. Hey Daniel, who is heading off to Spain?? We would love to start praying for him as we have been praying about Spain for a while now :)