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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yeah I said it! (7-5-11)

Here are some of my weekly twitter thoughts for ya. This week’s emphasis are on quotes and retweets. Be blessed!
"God doesn't have problems, only plans" by Corrie Ten Boom

"Faith dares to fail" by AW Towzer

"if one neglects the Bible, his soul becomes starved and easily stumbles." by DL Moody /// (1pet 2:2)

RT @RickWarren: We cant watch TV for 3 hrs then read the Bible for 3 min & expect to grow spiritually.

RT @louiegiglio: To say I believe in Jesus and not rely on Him is really saying I believe in me.

RT @darrinpatrick: Bad news:  
You are aggressive with your sin
Good news:  Jesus is more aggressive with grace


RT @PastorMark: The Christian life is not just doctrines you believe. It's fruit you produce.

"Trying to be happy without a sense of God's presence is like trying to have a bright day without the sun." AW Towzer

RT @realityla: All who follow Christ have not only a responsibility to learn of Christ but also to teach the things of Christ to others!

"whatever leaders may have, if they don't have character, they don't have anything." by Warren Wiersbe

"Leaders must learn to obey before they have the privilege of asking others to obey" by Warren Wiersbe

"When God wants to make a leader He takes all the time He needs." by Warren Wiersbe

"Leaders make mistakes, admit them, & ask God & people to forgive them. Then they go back to work & seek to do better." by Warren Wiersbe

"Leaders are primarily concerned with vision and revision, while managers focus on supervision." by Warren Wiersbe

If you have a twitter account you can follow me @pastordwilliams. If you would like these thoughts sent straight to your cell phone as a text all you have to do is text 40404 and in the body of the text write: follow pastordwilliams. Then BOOM!!! These tweets will come straight to your phone thru out the day and you will be blessed. Thanks for reading and feel free to quote me:) 

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