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Friday, December 23, 2011

There’s no place like HOME

All moved in, mostly unpacked, and HAPPY as can be. :) We have PRAYED so much for a place for us to live that feels like a real home, and God has given us more than we had ever hoped. We are living in a three bedroom villa (it is the end of a four-plex) in a gated community. We have a little backyard for the kids to play and a screened in patio to sit and read. :) There is a pool a 2 minute walk away with a weight room and large meeting room (praying about that…), so Daniel is making good use of those already! We have already had three community group meetings here at the house, and it comfortably holds quite a few people! So, that is also a great blessing. We are within 10 minutes from downtown, Costco, and just about everything else necessary to life (Steak n Shake!!!), so it feels just right for us.

A number of people have asked us for pictures of our new place, so here you go! 

The outside front

Front entry way


Living room 1

Living room 2

Master bedroom

The kids room

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