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Monday, December 19, 2011

Community Group in DELRAY!

We have hosted two community group meetings since we moved in to our new home here on December 1st, and God is blessing us so much. We meet on Thursday evenings for dinner, worship, prayer, and a teaching time. Our first Thursday here, we had 6 people, and this past Thursday, we had 9 people here together, and it was a wonderful time of encouragement and fellowship! I am teaching a short series on Discipleship, and we are praying that more people continue to come and join us! There are a few people we have invited that are hoping to come next week!

We are still praying and looking for a place for meet for a worship service where we can do mass invitations and reach out more to our community—also for a place that will facilitate children’s classes, since right now, Laura has the kids in Jeremiah and May’s room. But we are so happy to have a home where we can invite our neighbors and people we get to know. You can be praying that people continue to come, that we have the boldness to invite people, and for a location for a worship service.

God is good! 

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