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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The best road trip of my life!!!

#day 1

Said goodbyes, attached AJ's jeep, got some free boogie boards, ate an amazing Miners burger, visited with the Rush family in Walla Walla Washington, and were amazed at how good the onions really are in Walla Walla. 

#day 2
Was blessed to preach God's grace at Calvary Fellowship Walla Walla, saw Geoff's grandpa, ate at the legendary Ice Berg, jumped in a river in Idaho, almost ran out of gas, hung out with my family (my sister, Sarah, and her husband, Greg) until 2am, and ate some homemade strawberry rhubarb pie.

#day 3 
Got 3 hours of sleep before hitting the road, traveled for 16 hours, changed up our route, went to Wall Drug, drove through the craziest lighting storm I have ever seen for 4 hours, and finally bent our dolly trailer.

#day 4
Continued our detour, fixed our dolly situation, had a Bible study at The Diner in South Dakota, ate at the Blues, Booze, and BBQ in Omaha, drove in 4 states, spent the night in the Kansas City Walmart, and started to feel the humidity. 

#day 5
Had lunch with Emily and Rebecca Shultz in St Louis, went to Metropolis, Illinois to see a giant superman statue, tire blew so we spent some time in Paducah, Kentucky, Geoff jumped in the polluted Ohio river, and we saw how God works everything thing out in all situations and were able to share the gospel for about an hour with some new friends in Paducah. 

#day 6
Went to the ATL for the first time, hung out with the Fitzgerald family, ate at Little 5 Pizza, worshipped in the park, drove our 45 foot rig thru downtown Atlanta, bought a pair of Tom shoes, and probably had the best glass of sweet tea I have ever had...and I don't even like sweet tea. 

#day 7
Went to the Waffle House for breakfast, felt the southern hospitality from Gail Fitzgerald, had a great conversation with "Rev Kev," drove into Florida, met up with one of my first Floridian friends, David Shepherd, in Gainesville, Geoff and Noah tried fried okra for the first time, and scheduled our whole day around Hurricane Emily. 

#day 8
Woke up after 2.5 hours to go swimming in the Gulf, went to Honeymoon Island, ate some gator and frog legs, road jet skis in the Gulf, went to Jupiter and saw our new condo--which is awesome and very close to the beach, and someone went skinny dipping in the ocean at midnight...it wasn't me:) 

#day 9
Unloaded the U-haul into our 3rd story climate controlled storage unit, found a great local Mexican restaurant, swam in the Atlantic while it rained and defeated Hurricane Emily, and went to Walmart for all of our basic needs. 

#day 10
Woke up to see the sunrise, had a Bible study on the beach, unloaded the rest of the U-haul into our condo in the real feel of 103 degrees, got AJ’s jeep ready with the top off and then it broke down, took Justin and Noah to chic-fil-a for the first time, and baptized Noah Potis in the Atlantic…pretty good day:) 

#day 11
Officially ended our road trip as we continued to set up the town home for Laura and the kids, dropped off the U-haul, swam in the Atlantic with the guys one more time, drove to Orlando, picked up my family who I missed desperately, and took them home...the best road trip of my life:) 

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