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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life on Campus

Here is what life looks like for us here on the Bible College Campus:

Schedule: Classes begin at 9am Tuesdays thru Fridays for Daniel and me. The ladies here meet up for Bible Study, prayer, and accountability every morning which has been a wonderful, unexpected blessing! There are between 5 and 8 women depending on the day. The guys have classes until 12:30 every day, and we all meet up for lunch with the campus staff. The food has been surprisingly good! Our kids even eat some of it! The guys have a break with us until 2pm, then go back to class until 5:30pm. The kids and I generally go back to our room during the afternoons for naps, laundry, and air conditioning!! It is HOT down here! :) (97 degrees today, I think?) We all eat dinner together in the evenings again and have free time in the evening. Fridays and Mondays are free days, with Sundays being different each week. We will be visiting various churches in the area on Sunday mornings, and the guys will have some time with the pastors during the afternoons. 

Dorm: We are living in a single room, single bath, and one closet dorm right next to three other families in similar rooms. We all share a patio area where all the kids can play while we sit and visit together! It is a great set up! We were a little concerned at first because our room didn't have air conditioning, but we just had that fixed and are now much more comfortable. I was a little worried about how our kids would do moving from home to my parents' house to hotels then to the Bible College, but I guess I worried too much. Last night, when we brought the kids home after a worship service we put on for some high school service here on campus, Jeremiah walked in the door, plopped himself on the bed, and sighed, "Ahhh, Home, Nice, Home." :) They are just fine.

Spiritual Life: We are both being fed and challenged here. The Lord is stretching us and teaching us so much--thus far, it has been very focused on prayer. We have also seen a great spiritual battle going on as we pursue these things of God. God is at work here, and we are very certain that this is where He has intended for us to be for this stretch of time. God is good, and is keeping us in His care.

Prayer Requests:
-Protection from the enemy for us and our children
-Strength for Daniel as he tries to absorb a great deal of information in these classes
-Patience and guidance for us both with our children
-Physical strength and healing for various health issues
-That we would glorify Jesus in ALL of these things!

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