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Friday, March 1, 2013

Discipling Women

One incredible answer to my prayers over the last few months has been
seeing the Lord bring together a group of women who want to grow in
their relationships with Jesus. It has been a huge encouragement and
boost to my faith to get to love on these other beautiful ladies and
have them love and challenge and grow with me.

Starting last Fall, I opened up a discipleship group with the girls in
Redemption Church who wanted to have accountability and go deeper in
our walks with the Lord.  I've been teaching through the passage for
the week and then we get to talk and apply it to our lives together
and PRAY for each other. Together, we have studied through and just
finished the book of James together! It has been a challenging study
and a fabulous chance to see God working in our lives as we open up to
one another. God is good!

One really cool thing that we have been able to do as a group is
inviting friends who are new to the idea of Christianity to join us. Our
Thursday group has become not only a discipleship group, but an
opportunity to reach out and share Jesus with other ladies in our
lives who don't yet know Him. It's been so amazing to see one of our
dear friends from Delray coming each week with a desire to learn more
about what the Bible is all about and even bought a notebook to write
down notes about what we talk about! Last week was a huge week for her
as she opened up and prayed with us for the first time. We are all
blessed to be growing together and to get to encourage one another as
we are all learning to take our own steps of faith.

I cannot say enough how much I LOVE THESE WOMEN!!! They keep me
laughing and sane and we have been able to grow together by being open
and real with each other.

So, thought I'd brag on them a little and brag on the goodness of God
to use me and use them for His glory. :)


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