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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jeremiah is Starting School!!!

Wanted to share a pretty important change that will be taking place in our lives this month: Jeremiah will be starting preschool! When we moved down to Delray Beach and began the process of preparing for kindergarten in the Fall, we quickly came to realize that Florida operates a little differently than Washington. For one thing, the kindergarten programs locally are all full-day. We have decided that we are going to have him finish the remainder of the year in half-day preschool at Spanish River Christian School to get him ready to enter into all day school in August. The curriculem here also has kids reading and writing PRIOR to entering kindergarten...which he does some, but we feel like he will do better with a few months in a classroom setting. The school is fabulous, very welcoming, and about 15 minutes from home. We are really excited to have him there.
We were able to go in and meet his preschool teacher this week, and he will be joining the morning preschool class that meets every school day from 8:30-11:30 each morning. He has been really reluctant about the idea of leaving and going to school every day. Until this week--we have been praying so much that the Lord would work in his heart change his fear into excitement and readiness! When we came home from the Calvary Chapel Southeast Pastor’s conference last week, I tentatively told him that he was going to be starting school sooner than we had planned, and he became so excited that he hasn’t stopped talking about “how soon!” It is really a miracle in our home. :) He already has his little Curious George lunchbox and is feverishly deciding whether he wants a Spongebob backpack or Handy Manny... :) We are just happy that he is so happy. 

I know that this isn’t a huge deal for many of you, but for our family (and him being the first to go) and with me being at home with them each day, it is a life changing transition to make. :) So, we are thrilled to know he will be in such a great school, learning from a gentle and loving teacher, and is growing up! His first day is going to be January 30th! Mark your calendars and pray for a GREAT first day!!


  1. Hey Laura & Daniel, We will definitely be praying on the 30th! This is so exciting and I know it is a big step for both of you. Jeremiah is going to thrive at preschool and Mae will love the attention she gets without Jeremiah around! Enjoy the goodness of the Lord!
    Tony & Lisa

  2. Thanks guys:) We got held back a week on him going to school because of paperwork but he is ready and excited to start this Monday:) Always appreciate your prayers and we are still praying for you guys to.

    Be blessed,