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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here is an e-mail we sent to our prayer team this week. If you would like to be on our prayer team, e-mail us and we will add you! Thanks for your support and prayers!

"Thank you so much for continuing to pray for our family during this season in Jupiter. We have been able to spend some really important time in prayer, preparing for the start of a church, fine tuning the vision, trusting in Jesus, spending time with our family and friends, enjoying God’s creation, researching, meeting people, and growing closer to the Lord.

We are excited to announce that we will be moving in a month to Delray Beach. As we move closer to the move, the needs continue to grow and we are thankful that we have you praying for us. Prayer is definitely the foundation of this church plant. It has been so encouraging to see God answering our prayer requests. We know that Jesus hears our prayers, and we are so thankful. Here are some current things we can be praying for:"

-More faith and love for Jesus
-Our family’s health
-Moving expenses
-More financial support and finding a job in Delray
-Friends and meeting people
-More people to join our prayer team

-Financial start up costs and supplies
-A place to meet for Sunday Morning Services and Bible Study
-Salvations and Discipleship
-All the administration details
-More people for our team to help serve, disciple, evangelize, and pray
-The local pastors and churches that are already established in Delray

-A CT Scan of Jeremiah’s brain came back completely normal (he’s had chronic headaches since our move in August, and after several visits to the doctor, we were sent to the ER to rule out anything very serious)
-We have had a number of people come to visit us and encourage us
-We found a home to rent in Delray!!! (waiting on the application to be approved)
-Laura’s parents found a home here, and sold their home in Olympia the next day
-Daniel’s walking pneumonia is finally getting better after two rounds of antibiotics
-Daniel has gotten connected with a pastor network out of Fort Lauderdale
-We have had tornados in our area twice now, and they have not come near us

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